PIVOT reinvented spray bottle maximizes every single drop at any angle » Gadget Flow

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Say goodbye to the same old cheap spray bottles and say hello to PIVOT, the spray bottle reinvented. This pivoting spray bottle sprays every drop of liquid without having to constantly prime—so it’s zero waste. Whether you aim up or down, the bottle and drawtube stay in a constant position, so you stay focused on the task. With PIVOT’s patented pivoting sprayer, it allows for a relaxed wrist angle so you can effortlessly bear the weight of the bottle with less strain on your forearm and wrist, making it highly ergonomic. PIVOT’s reduced height allows it to easily store under sinks and shelves, taking up less space than ordinary spray bottles. There’s also a two-step trigger lock, making accidental spraying a challenge. Made with a wide mouth, it’s easy to refill PIVOT. A robust, reusable tool, use this bottle indefinitely to reduce plastic and chemicals in the waste streams.


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