r/homeautomation – Looking for suggestions for a “smart” gooseneck kettle set up

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I make a chemex (a big pour-over) every single morning. The first thing I do is get up and start the water to boil. I’d love to just be able to say a command and get it started.

The problem is most quality kettles require you to first turn them on and then select the specific temperature you want the water to be, so a simple on/off smart switch won’t work.

Stagg makes a Bluetooth capable kettle, so you could at least control it from bed: https://fellowproducts.com/products/staggekg

But could that be linked to a hub or IFTTT or Alexa or anything?

I welcome all product suggestions or automation ideas!! This is my holy grail of automation: “Hey Google, good morning” blinds go up, water boils, coffee grinds, lights come on, etc


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