Side Garden – How to #SOdiy backyard ideas

I'm bout to work on this side at Garden area it's an absolute mess right now I prune those rose bushes so I'm about to transplant those on the other side of the yard I already have my garden boxes built I have to fill this in with dirt level it out pull all these weeds I'm gonna have really pretty flowers in all these boxes I know this probably doesn't.

Look like much but I'd thorn when in my finger right here it hurts so bad I have these garden boxes that are gonna lay in there I'm gonna screw all these boxes together so I almost have this entire side leveled I smashed my finger you see that that is a blood blister it hard so I got a splinter in this finger right here and.

Now a blister right here it hurts so bad we have finally decided where to use these marble tiles to see them stacked over here they're going to be on the walkway

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