Small Backyard Ideas (Bigger Isn’t Always Better)

Small backyard transformation ideas you will be blown away bigger isn't always better small backyards can be the best outdoor living spaces we're going to talk to you all about the best ideas we're going to give you some examples a lot of examples that you can use in your small backyard enjoy you might have a small backyard space.

You might have a micro space really doesn't matter doesn't matter the size because you can pack it full of a lot of outdoor living look at this little backyard space now this might not be as small as your space but look at the theory and the principle behind what we did we created the destination that is so imperative you if you can figure.

Out a way to create destination especially from one of the sight lines from inside of your house usually it's like the back door or the kitchen door the kitchen window if you can see something and be pulled outside right there no matter what size space you've just created a beautiful backyard destination it'll draw you outside we.

Did this with a fireplace in this situation we had a little bit of a seat wall off to the side and we once you're out there that you can be out there for a little grilling area you can do a little dining area we even added some privacy features we did we did the bamboo there because right next to them was another house and then we added some.

Decorative art with living art on the side of the house so really this tiny courtyard and this might be large for you but you can think of the principles behind it now take a look at these two backyards we utilized a small space but we packed it with destination we did it in two.

Different ways number one is a seat wall you think about a seat wall because it creates purpose you're gonna go out there and if you have a little fire feature a little seat wall now everybody's packed down no matter what size it is around that fire pit and the seat wall and if there's privacy concerns look at what we did here living.

Walls are amazing so you can do it look at this side yard we were able to use a fireplace this is a tiny little side yard we did a fireplace with a living wall with an arbor now this is amazing because it's right outside of the the sight lands from the home you have a little water feature off the side and.

You can imagine how tiny this little courtyard is but it gives them all the living space that they need to entertain even a small little group now take a look at what we did in this smaller backyard space this is about 1500 square feet guys i just want to let you know that smaller about maybe 30 feet deep by 50 feet wide that might be huge for some.

People but it is considered small where we're at now look at all of the items that we are able to get in this backyard we were able to get a grill area so not true outdoor kitchen an outdoor bar we were able to give a free standing destination covered structure with a fireplace we did a breezeway now this breezeway became.

Really to me the highlight of the backyard because they were able to do their dining table right underneath that breezeway we gave them a whole fire pit destination off to the side this backyard has everything we were able to even get a water feature in with some lawn in this smaller backyard space let's hear from the homeowners and let's.

Hear some of the highlights of their backyard and what they thought of the space this space when we put it in we knew that we would use it because we had experience with something like this we had a really nice outdoor space in our last home we put it in and we knew we would use it.

So when we moved in here it wasn't here it was just a patio and grass and we thought we can do it about two years but i can't do it our previous experience in our in our backyard it was just a peak when you came in the front door of there was something interesting out there and so we knew that when we designed this that.

When you came from the front door that we wanted to draw you in through the house and the way that we worked with the designer was so that you could start to see this backyard unfold as you came into the house and it drew you through the house and and out to the backyard and from.

Pretty much anywhere on our ground floor you can got a view of the backyard and it's so inviting that people even when it's cold and not nice people like can you show me what's going on out there yeah and you mentioned the water feature and one of the reasons this place as it is.

Is because it creates a view from our dining area so it's serving multiple purposes it's beautiful out here it's very ambient but it also creates a really nice focal point for us from inside the house too and that was important the whole time i said whatever we build is our view that's all we've got so we want to make sure that it.

Lives up to that so i think the things that we love are being able to have different zones if you will or different ways that we use it so even when the weather wasn't cooperating well you know we would come out here with some cozy throws and use the fireplace here and be in here and if it started to rain that was fine.

And we have a fire pit over on the other side and so that's a really good space when we have friends over you're having an informal conversation you know we have had some family groups so there's plenty of room for dining i think we figured out if we have every seat full we can see 25 people back here so you know it gives us so much flexibility but.

It doesn't feel ridiculous with two of us right it doesn't feel like it's overdone or too much we're really comfortable just the two of us in it and this becomes our outdoor living room we are out here we eat out here i mean this is where we spend our time in the summer and it's lived up entirely to that for me.

exactly and you know we we're the type of people that even when it's crisp day i'd love nothing more than to come out like on a saturday morning drink my cup of coffee sit in the rocking chair in front of the fireplace let the day start and it's just so calming and it is that extension we love being out here and.

Just it's calming it's it's our happy place which is why we added so much covered space in oregon we added almost 500 square feet of dry space which in oregon is at a premium i mean we are so happy with with what we bought and um it was through your.

Team and and you jumping in and helping us to get exactly what we wanted now a part of this backyard was this shade cell one simple shade sale created just the ability to be outside no matter what in the afternoon when you want to be outside around the five six o'clock time the sun was setting right in their eyes and this shade cell gives.

Them the ability to be outside with the grill gives them the ability to be outside at the dining table and enjoy their space so one simple very inexpensive shade sale really solved the solution for this client i also love the raised garden bed little destination right by where they grill you can go and grab some.

Vegetables and you can use it for the evening barbecue so think about a little raised garden bed right next to your space speaking of square feet in backyards we have a question from one of our viewers i want to take this time to be able to answer that this is from dexter williams.

He says hey how many square feet is considered small for a backyard excluding our narrow side yard we have 1 145 square feet to work with dexter thank you for the question that would be considered very small like i just mentioned this this property that i just mentioned it's about 1500 square feet so it's about 50 feet.

Wide by 30 feet deep about 1500 square feet so this is even a little bit smaller than that but you can still do a lot in fact what we've already mentioned in this video we had a side yard which is about 700 square feet and it was tiny but we were able to get a fireplace water features dining outdoor kitchen and a pergola in that small very very.

Small side yard so you can do a lot i'd love to help you out if you want a design by the way if anybody needs a 3d design i'd love to help you we'll have a link below i have some prices that are on that link and you can see our pricing very straightforward and you can have an appointment with us for free please talk with us and see if we.

Can help you out and we have another comment here i'd like to answer this is from bethany johnson she's from wisconsin she says wow exclamation point i love the shift i'm in wisconsin and if i want to expand my patio how big should i make it great question bethany thank you very much for the for that question really it depends on what you want to do.

In your space and what you already have in your space but i would think of three different destinations of course you want the dining area i would love to see you do an outdoor kitchen or like a grill area and i'd love to see you do a fire pit those are three common things they're they're not as expensive as some of the other outdoor living and if you.

Do those three things think about maybe 400 to 500 square feet in that patio that should get be able to get all of those in now of course that's going to be smaller but that's okay you can still pack that punch in a small area and get all three of those destinations in there so thanks again for that comment.

another thing i want you to think of when you're designing a backyard space in a small area you might be an advantage because you you can get higher end items for your small backyard and you don't have to get these high-end items for a large space so you can really.

Go for it and those items because they're higher end are going to last a lot longer for you take a look at this small backyard that we did here it's beautiful we were able to do a freestanding structure we were able to do a fireplace an outdoor kitchen a bar.

But look at the shed that we were able to put in the backyard they backed up right to a building we painted the back of that building white and they used that as a movie screen we did a fire pit we did lots of destinations lots of hardscaping and then we did the synthetic lawn that really added to that space and gave them.

Extra landing zones for their kids and for entertaining but i want to say this that is high end features that garden shed was custom made that is not an inexpensive garden shed but because they were in a smaller space they were able to put all of this stuff in this small space and i love the double-sided fireplace.

Doing the double-sided fireplace in this situation gave them the ability under cover so if it was raining or snowing they could be undercover watching tv right by the fireplace but if it was a nicer day a whole nother destination is created on the back side of that fireplace so because it's in that small area they're able to step up their.

Budget a little bit and do some of these higher end features and i want you to remember that as well now i say this on every video but i'm going to stress it in this video because in a small space it is absolutely imperative for you to get a design if you do something wrong you are going to pay the price and it's going to be basically having to rip.

Everything out so get a 3d design we designed in 3d in fact listen to this homeowner and the value that they saw in a 3d design so when we designed our our previous space it was a 2d design and and the layout came out good but there were things that in retrospect as we were as we were.

Looking at it we said oh gosh had we just known and and we didn't realize the scale and the size and so that was one of the things that attracted us to paradise restored was 3d design so it allowed us to work the design team and and make those tweaks that really resulted in this space that we love so you have a small space i hope that this.

Video helped watch this video too it's all about decor and how much decor can play a part in your small backyard space enjoy

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