SoundHound and Netflix partner to voice-enable RDK set-top boxes

SoundHound Inc. and Netflix Partner to Voice-Enable RDK-Based Set-Top Boxes

  • Out-of-the-box solution for the Netflix Da Vinci RDK platform gives operators a customizable conversational voice AI experience

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — SoundHound Inc., a global leader in voice artificial intelligence, currently in the process of becoming a public company through its expected merger with Archimedes Tech SPAC Partners Co. (NASDAQ: ATSPU units, ATSPT subunits), today announced they will partner with Netflix to provide a voice AI interface for its Da Vinci Reference Design Kit (RDK) solution. Operators will be able to offer more convenient, easy-to-use, hands-free experiences to subscribers by adding the voice interface to the RDK platform. This will reduce time-to-market as well as costs.

The SoundHound and Netflix solutions will reach a large number of consumers, as the RDK platform continues its wide adoption for video set tops, broadband gateways and IoT devices. In May 2021, adoption of the platform surpassed 80 million device deployments worldwide, according to RDK Management.

Through the new solution, end users will be able to easily navigate their watching experience by saying things like:

  • “Show me funny TV shows on Netflix”
  • “Find me action movies, but only ones from the 1990’s and don’t show any movies that are over two and a half hours long”
  • “Play The Witcher instead”
  • “Go to minute 22”

In addition, users will be able to access their set-top box for voice commerce, such as ordering food, or controlling other devices in the home by saying things like:

  • “I want to order a pizza”
  • “Turn down the family room lights”
  • “Who’s at the front door?”

“Rising consumer demand for greater convenience and ease of use has created more opportunities to bring the power of voice AI to products–extending the functionality of the device while providing easier access to content, purchasing opportunities, and even controlling other devices in the smart home,” said James Hom, Co-Founder and VP of Products, SoundHound Inc.

Voice interaction is an important part of the entertainment experience and the open source RDK solution will allow operators to easily add a conversational voice interface to their viewing experiences. Combining Netflix’s Da Vinci Reference Design Kit solution (RDK) with SoundHound’s independent voice platform will allow operators to provide a superior conversational experience, without having to create it.

SoundHound’s voice-ai interface is shown in a video segment. It includes voice commands that allow users to navigate content, control playback functions seamlessly, order food, or control other devices within the home.

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