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Hey it's aubrey if you guys are new here hi and welcome today we're going to be doing a front porch refresh i've been dying to spruce up my front porch i want to show you guys some of my ideas that i have for my front porch now as usual i'm going to keep it pretty simple very easy to do anyone can do this and.

Yeah we're gonna decorate my front porch so i want to show you guys how i put together my floral pots for my front porch i have two pots here on hand one is much larger than i'm gonna start with and i have a smaller one as well i picked up these green foam blocks from hobby lobby and my floral is also from hobby lobby.

Now for my floor i really wanted to go for a spring look and feel so i have a succulent bush i also have this is called the new love bush then i also picked up some another grenade that i will show you but i really love the contrast between this bush and my terra cotta pot so usually when you buy plants from hobby.

Lobby they're very stiff i like to pull them apart and i like to also bend them at the root of the stem as well it just helps kind of give them some new life and not look so stiff and fake so i'm going to go ahead and just kind of pull each branch out i want this to look a little bit more on the wild side plants are not perfect and they're not meant to.

Be perfect so for my pots they're going to look as real as i can make them so i'm going to go ahead and stick another one of these bushes in the center of my pot and then i'm just going to go in and pull all the stems out kind of bend them up and down in different ways so this next bush i really loved from.

Hobby lobby this also helps to tie in my front door weave so i have my wire cutters here um it's very difficult to use scissors so you definitely want to use a good pair of wire cutters for this and i'm going to go ahead and just clip off the individual stems now to make your pots look layered you want to make sure that you have different levels of.

Floral so for this layer i'm going to go ahead and stuff these stems right underneath the white bush and this is really going to help add a lot of color to your pot it's also going to make it look realistic so i'm going to go ahead and just quickly snip all of these off of the.

Stem and i'm going to stuff my pot around the front some in the middle and in the sides as well so once i'm done stuffing the pot you guys can already see how different the pot looks i'm going to go ahead and add in some of this succulent garland i really love this it just adds a really cool texture.

To any pot and it also helps make it look that much more realistic when you have some greenery hanging out of the pot and hanging down i really love the look of this if you ever pinterest faux pota plants you guys will see that um having some hanging greenery just makes all the difference so i'm going to go ahead and just put the hanging succulent.

Bush kind of just pouring out of the pot i'm not going to do this around all of the edges i'm just going to have it a little bit off centered so this is how the first pot looks so now that our larger pot is done i'm gonna go ahead and do our smaller pot i'm just gonna break off a piece of this rectangular foam and just shove it down.

Into my smaller pot we're basically gonna do a miniature version of the one we just did so instead of just sticking my bigger white bush stem into this one i'm gonna individually clip the stems off of it because it would just be too tall so i'm gonna go ahead and just place these along each edge of this foam so a few in the front a few in the back.

And a handful in the middle so once you're done adding your white stems i'm going to go ahead and add my greenery i'm going to do the same thing i did to my larger pot i'm going to just tuck this around all of the edges you want to make sure that you're not going to see that green foam because you want.

This to look as real as possible so once i have all that done i'm going to go ahead and add my succulent bush i also want this to have some greenery draping down as well and a really good way you can also help your pots is you can also weave the faux stems in and out of each other it just helps it look a little bit more.

Realistic now these white stems are still just a tit too tall for this small little pot so i went in and i just kind of clipped a handful of them okay so next to my front door i wanted to obviously pair a really pretty wreath target has a great selection of wreaths now my reef that i'm using on my front.

Door is actually from kohl's and i bought it about i think i bought it last spring it was like on clearance and i thought it was a great price i believe it was like 15 or something like that let me show you guys this reef i love the colors of it it has a little bit of eucalyptus i love the white little touches of flowers so it.

Also has some like olive branches over here it has an eucalyptus and it's just like pretty much all of my favorite florals in one so this reef i really love i'll see if i can still find it on kohl's but if not i'll link some really great options down below and then for the florals for my faux pots i really wanted to.

Tie them into my wreath i wanted everything to be cohesive doesn't have to match exactly but i do want everything in a similar color palette so want to head outside and i want to show you guys how my front porch kind of comes together and i'm not fully done this isn't like my front porch reveal but i do want to.

Share with you guys some of my decorating in the meantime i am waiting till it gets a little bit warmer to add to my black pot so you guys can probably see here sitting between my pillars but in the meantime i'm going to show you guys what i picked out so i found this amazing plaid rug from target this is a classic piece i am a sucker for a plaid.

It's very classic and this is a wool blend i believe it was a forty dollars for a three by five and it is a little bit more oversized and i want that look for my front porch so then i'm gonna go ahead and pair it up with a door mat this is from hearth and hand purchased it from target as well it was 12.99 and then i'm gonna add my wreath now i just.

Love the colors it's full of texture it's very seasonal for spring and i want to show you guys how these pots look on the sides now i originally had my smaller pot on the ground but it just seemed a little bit odd so i ended up putting my small pot on top of my.

Doorstep and there's still plenty of room for guests to come through the door so it definitely does not block the walkway but i just love the colors by my front door it's very festive for spring and it's just super pretty.

Thank you thank you guys so much for checking out this video if you guys love these types of videos then you're definitely going to like my entryway reveal i share a lot of my own decorating tips and how i like to put the space together so if you guys like this video don't forget to check.

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