hey everyone or welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be me running through how we did our patio makeover this is a really cheap fairly simple and very good-looking upcycle in our garden we have decided to do as many DIY projects as we can right now whilst we are in lockdown in the UK and the.

Patio was something we've been wanting to do for ages now originally we were going to just lay decking straight over the uneven concrete slabs that we have out there and it was looking like quite an expensive task we weren't going to be able to get labourers out to do it at the moment and we know nothing about how to lay decking so instead we decided to.

Stencil the patio we thought we'll just paint it give it a go if it's absolutely terrible then we'll just deck over it later but to our surprise it has comment so nice I've written a blog post already which you can check out i've linked it below and that is the step-by-step guide and I also thought I would just do a separate vlog on it too so my first tip.

With the patio glow up is absolutely be prepared and have everything you need before you start the task I've linked all of these links below with that you are going to need a power hose or a bristle brush to clean your patio first next you're going to want to Prime the patio slabs we use the Dulux primer you're going to need a paintbrush for.

That as well obviously going to want to paint it with your base color we use some depth mason paint we're going to either need a roller or a sponge for this we sponged it on because we wanted a rustic look and then you're going to need your stencil we've got our stencil from dizzy duck designs and that is also linked below but also going to need your.

Stencil paints we went for a charcoal black color as an option to take down each stencil as you're stenciling we didn't bother with this and it was absolutely fine and we stenciled on probably the windiest day of the year but if you want to be extra cautious then tape it down with a light tape like frog tape it's all plastic but it's like.

Really bristles so it's cropped off quite easily and as you can see is no tinge green the more this is the paint we're using it was just off the shelf from being key ultra smooth microsil masonry paint I went for this color gravel which is kind of like a stony greige all that we've done a testing slap and it's come.

Up quite grey purple and it's quite a contrast to the creme wall but now in lockdown and there's no way we can get back to being here to change it so it's what it is and we're just gonna paint it because it's probably not going to make a massive difference so I'm gonna pull this out now and we are gonna sponge it on because I want it to look quite.

Rustic in between priming and painting of the patio we swept it again just to make sure it was absolutely clean then we begun sponging on the soundex paint it went on really thickly and gave a really full coverage and painting on this base layer only took off about 30 minutes and it had dried within an hour we did decide to leave 24 hours between.

Putting on the base coat and the top coat of the stenciling just to make sure it was fully dry so I'm calling it a day in the garden and we've painted the patio and gonna Spencer it tomorrow today – the worst day of the year to stencil because it is so windy hello great when we start stenciling I would start in one corner and work your.

Way out we started in the top right-hand corner of our patio and then did the stenciling line-by-line I would also suggest that you clean the stencil every few tiles that you paint just to avoid having any bleed to come through we noticed that the paint did get clogged up on our stencil and it did cause a bit of tread on the white paint okay so I'm.

About an hour and a half in and I've gotten much much done probably not even a third of the way through it's taking a long time but it's really easy so just quite time-consuming but I'm really happy so far I just realized I've missed that tiny triangle there so I need to go back and do that I'm hoping I can probably do the rest in about two to.

Three hours even though it took quite a while it was so easy to do because our stencil was quite large it was 45 centimetres it's quite heavy so it didn't move that much at all when we were sponging on I would definitely recommend if you are using a smaller stencil then definitely tape each each stencil every time you're moving onto a.

New tile and we have gone through probably every season of the year today snow sleet pots winds we've done it a little bit the other day so I thought I would just do it now on film to show you how easy it actually is to do the tiles that are incomplete the ones that run side so obviously the stencil isn't going to.

Fit on that it just shows how flexible the stencil is that you can remove it into whatever position you like and if you were taping and then you could just take this to the wall here and do it I'm just gonna take my sponge this is the last of the paint that we've got and just dab away in the order you're actually also sent a tile that's a.

Quarter of the size and you can use these on this hard-to-reach tiles and they send two of the large tiles so you can do the job twice as quite quick to people this is the stencil it's actually a massive because what they've done is the 45 centimeters goes from here to here and then this strip here is the additional onto the next tile in the.

Stencil you've got it like this and you can actually do the second bit here and then it means that when you peel it off you line up on this bit with your new bits and then you do the whole thing again so it just keeps it quite uniform obviously because of our stencil with a centimeter bigger than our slabs because they didn't have one that's it perfectly.

We had to do the edges a bit smaller which took more time so it will be so much quicker if you have the stencils the correct size of your slabs but overall we were happy with the more rustic kind of look and the detail kind of just eliminates all kind of flaws in it as well whether that be uneven slabs or stenciling or paints Rogers blend.

Here so I haven't cleaned the stencil properly and this just bled through but it actually you can you just barely noticeable I'm just so pleased with it it was less than 100 pounds to do and it has just got such a fantastic look to it now at very Mediterranean I think it was really easy you don't need any special.

Skills to do this it takes a weekend and it was totally totally worth it also I find that the gray that I wasn't too fond of at the start as the base coat has just totally blended in now because the detail on the stencil charcoal color just kind of removes that kind of really bright gray to be honest there's actually not much I would do differently.

If we were to do this again I would definitely say check proper weather reports because Apple weather did not state that it was gonna snow whilst we were doing our patio I would clean the stencil more often so there was no bleeds and just definitely have to people do it because it just goes so much quicker it is completely worth it.

For a weekend of a bit of DIY in your garden with no huge cost or massive prep it is such a brilliant glow up really hope you enjoyed my flog and if you have any questions about the patio that I haven't included in here just pop them in the comments and I'll get back to you also check out the step by step blog post guide on doing your patio overhaul.

And yeah I'll be back next week with another video bye

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