Studio Shed Do It Yourself (DIY) Backyard Sheds

The first step in the installation is evaluation of your foundation whether it be a floating floor or a concrete slab once we've offloaded and inspected all the materials we're ready to begin installation so once you establish this first corner you're going to want to move in both directions building your side wall and.

Your back wall and completing the other side wall for a u-shape leaving the front wall for last now that we've got the roof sheeting and felt paper on we're ready for back drip edge and roofing metal walls are up roof is on now we're ready to install the metal trim on the exterior walls.

So now that we've got all of our metal trim on we've got our bottom drip edge our flat stock and our corner caps we can begin installing siding we've completed the exterior of the shed now we're ready to move to the inside

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