Surprise Patio Makeover! | Small Backyard Patio DIY

Very excited i'm gonna surprise my sister with the diy mini patio makeover so nothing crazy huge but kind of a thank you so long story short january after remote learning for almost a year i felt like my daughter went back into school face to face and i now live about 50 minutes away my.

Sister lived close to my daughter's school so she graciously took us in said didn't question it and we stay here every week wednesday to friday and i just want to say thank you with the school you're wrapping up you know it means a lot i know they hang out a lot outside with the kids go in.

Their little blowout pool and so it'll i'm hoping she loves it and create a little space of their own um she's in a condo so it's a small very small patio i'll show you pictures before and after and during the process i'm super excited i hope she loves it i want to get a reaction on camera let's.

Hope the furniture that i was waiting for just got delivered it's about noon and she gets off around five-ish so i gotta use my lunch break to build it so let's all say a quick prayer and hope that it's an easy build and everything else i have ready to go.

So i'm excited let's get started hey guys so here are the before pictures of my sister's patio like i promised it's small but we were able to make a a huge impact so like always first things first the area rug and unlike last time i was not as.

Prepared with unwrapping everything i was trying to keep it hidden so keeping it closed was my easiest option although i did notice when it arrived that i ordered the light blue and light gray and i thought i got the black and light.

Gray but thankfully i had one day to get new pillows so thank you tj maxx for carrying something that really tied it all together and just a small side note if i would have had more time and give myself more than one week to plan order.

And get everything for this makeover i would have cleaned the concrete one of the best things i've ever used and it wasn't a concrete cleaner was for my deck but it was the 30 second algae mold and mildew cleaner and let me tell you it made my deck look brand new and i know it would do the same for the.

Concrete so that might be a future project but for now there was definitely no time and now it's time for the furniture i bought this furniture from amazon and it gave me a delivery window and i was really hoping and praying that it would be delivered.

On the day i wanted to do this makeover and i was very lucky it came that same day at noon i put it together on my lunch break and it just worked out perfect i ordered this furniture specifically based on reviews and i wanted to get something within budget and also something that was very.

Light so if they move from the front yard to the backyard or the patio it's not super heavy and can easily be moved it worked out perfect next up is the decor one of my favorite parts of the entire makeover and these two pillows right here are the ones that.

Save me from tj maxx they brought in the light gray and the light blue along with tan and it just worked out perfect i got a lot this time from ikea these candles right here and those are double a batteries and they're outdoor candle.

Indoor outdoor and six hours if you don't turn them off they go off automatically so it's perfect like area rugs i love to have a little tray on top of the table so i actually wanted something smaller and i thought this concrete plant tray would be the perfect item to kind of tie everything together.

That was also from ikea and same with this lantern and plants you'll see on that left corner chair is the last planner that would be added and that's from tj maxx another way to tie in the light blue the last pillow that's coming out that is from target.

You can never go wrong at target and i really don't like to to my own horn tutu but this was my first live audience break time thanks for being patient i had to pick my daughter from school and now i'm adding these last two outdoor pillows that we already.

Had and on my way back from school one necessity as i was sweating during the day putting this all together i knew we needed a umbrella so i forced my daughter to go with me to get an umbrella and the umbrella patio stand and let me tell you.

It was a great deal from bed bath and beyond under a hundred dollars i got both the umbrella stand and umbrella and let there be shade i don't know what i was thinking about.

Not having an umbrella already anyways so it kind of worked out perfectly so about these ikea lights i was super excited i still am i love them they're outdoor lights indoor outdoor and.

My only tip to you is not to take the little twist size off each row because after i thought i was helping save time but instead i tangled them i cut a lot of the the light hanging time out because you guys would have watched me untangle to retangle and then untangle.

Again before hanging so you're welcome so just be patient but these were super easy and turned up beautiful they make the patio just shine at night and finally it's clean up time tag removal time and final furniture placement.

Before the reveal super excited oh and don't forget the doormat and with that that's a wrap that's why i wanted to do that's why caitlyn goes patio designing i know you wanted to say thank you for.

Everything and there it is and in the end we were able to pull off the surprise worked out perfectly she is super ecstatic and so are my niece and nephew we hung out there already and it was amazing thank you all so much for watching i.

Will list everything i use in the description box below if i missed anything or if you have any comments please let me know i'm already excited for the next project i'll see you guys soon

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