Surprising Decorating Trends to Avoid in 2021

Hey friends and foes welcome back to my channel today's video is all about the three very popular and often loved decorating trends that you should avoid in 2021 hey everyone vaina here i make videos all about interior decorating to help .

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Love them but i'm here to tell you that the whole barn door phenomenon is going out the door when you're trying to master your interior decorating style you really have to create the overall environment which requires the architectural shell and then all the pieces in it which are bringing the eye up and around .

And color and texture and creating that that whole experience so if you really love that rustic farmhouse the doors are only the beginning it's going to look odd with carpeting if you have wall carpeting or lower ceilings so there's often a little gap between the door and the wall so you're .

Going to be able to see light coming through and you're also going to have a sound transfer so it would really not be a good solution if you were using that barn door for a bathroom god forbid or even for a bedroom as well but the hardware takes up a lot of space i have seen barn doors done well the design .

Actually a thinner scale so there's more of a relationship between a contemporary home with this you know typical normal size of you know baseboard and trim work also the color is repeated in this sofa and the sofa is the largest piece in the room off to the right and kind of balances .

Your eye right looking at the image i think success success successful see i don't even want to say it because it's a trend that needs to go all right number two this one i feel really really passionate about and that is all gray everything .

Reality with an all-gray interior is that it really keeps you stuck in kind of a cold and impersonal interior and it is very difficult to actually decorate in like warm colors or happy tones when you have a very gray base i think one of the biggest decorating mistakes you can make now when you're .

Selecting hardwood floor is to go with that gray toned wood flooring because you're really locking yourself into a cool color palette and everything that i've been seeing coming out just in general in terms of like color of the year are really going more towards saturated .

Brighter colors even like muted tones of those colors but i think we're going away from the all gray interior so i still believe in the color white i feel like that is the most universal paint color you cannot go wrong with it and i think if you chose like a medium brown .

Wood tone floor that's not boring that's timeless you're going to be able to either go with a neutral palette go with the warm palette it's just going to be a little bit more easy to work with over the long term and you can paint your walls a different color but .

You'll still have this warm flooring that is actually working really well um speaking of neutrals this next one might shock you and that is the all-white kitchen yes the all-white kitchen is going out in 2021 and look i love it all white kitchen but the truth is it can come off as super .

Boring and the design world is kind of over it subway tile yes it's a classic it's beautiful but it's kind of done and that's not the direction that we're going in for 2021 so what is popular or if you have an all-white kitchen that you kind of need to bring some life to .

I would suggest actually painting the lower cabinets a darker color and you want to make sure that whatever color you pick has some kind of relationship to um your counter material so maybe if it's like a multicolored stone you take a little bit of that color and paint the .

Bottoms darker i like doing that and then leaving the tops white because then it actually kind of grounds that space where sometimes all white kitchen doesn't feel like it has a footing so doing the dark color on the bottom gives the weight to it makes it feel a little bit more substantial .

Another thing that's very successful that we did in my tennessee project was that we painted the kitchen island a really deep sexy inky blue black color and that really stood out from the all-white kitchen but in a way that was very balanced um you can also consider .

Changing you know the backsplash to more of a statement tile something in a black and white maybe doing a different color and doing like a non-traditional patterning maybe like kind of a chevron off the wall we also did that with the encaustic tile in this project as well and i feel like .

It's what what i feel like sometimes the white kitchen lacks is a clear focal point of where your eye needs to go so it's important to have some kind of contrast tension whether that's with color or whether that's with like a really strong variation in that texture like very shiny something very matte you know .

A copper sink you know throwing it off with these different materials those are the three trends that are i would say pretty beloved by many people but we're definitely not going to be seeing those in 2021 we want to push ourselves do something new let's put 2020 behind us to be .

Honest i am ready for a new year and a fresh new start so let me know in the comments below if there's anything that you feel i missed if you agree or disagree i want to know what that is alright thank you guys so much for watching subscribe to the channel it's free and .

I'll talk to you guys later bye

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