Technology Chinese battery maker says it’s ready to produce cobalt-free EV power packs at scale

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Technology When you add in trucks, cars, and planes, the transportation sector is the biggest source of greenhouse gasses in the US. We must stop burning fossil fuels in cars if we are to address climate change. One problem with electric cars is that they rely on lithium-ion battery made with heavy metals such as cobalt. The material is not only in short supply but also mined in child labor and causing environmental destruction. Companies like Tesla, Panasonic, and IBM have attempted to create electric batteries that are free from heavy metals.

While many of these efforts have not yet made it to the lab, a Chinese company called SVOLT claims that it is ready to begin producing a cobalt free battery at scale. The 82.5KWh power pack was displayed at the Chengdu Motor Show. It was attached to a vehicle manufactured by Great Wall Motors in China. SVOLT claims that its battery can provide 373 mile range at normal temperatures and allows a car to accelerate in less than five seconds from zero to 60 mph.

SVOLT stated that the battery will be “expected” to reach cars on the Chinese market, but did not give a time frame or indicate how many cobalt free power packs it could produce at the moment. Other companies also make cobalt-free battery at large scale. As Electrek points out, most of the Model 3 units Tesla sells in China feature a lithium iron phosphate battery made by Contemporary Amperex Technology.

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