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Technology trends digital trends

Instagram claims it is bringing back the chronological feed to allow users to see the most recent posts in order of their sharing.

The Facebook-owned company ditched the feature in 2016 in favor of an algorithm-generated feed, which surfaces posts that it thinks you’ll like most. It will still offer an alternative viewing option to the algorithmic feed, perhaps with a new style called Favorites.

Bob Adam Mosseri, speaking at a Senate hearing that focused on how Instagram plans improve safety and well-being for its younger users, said that they are currently creating a version of a chronological Instagram feed that will be launched next year .”


A tweet later posted by the company’s Comms account explained that Instagram is in the process of creating new ways for users to view their feeds.

” We’ve been trying out Favorites, which allows you to choose which posts you’d like to see higher up. And we’re currently working on an option that will allow you to see posts by people you follow in chronological order,” the tweet stated.

We want people to have meaningful control of their experience. We have been testing Favorites, which allows you to choose which posts you wish to see higher up. Another option is to see posts by people you follow chronologically.

— Instagram Comms (@InstagramComms) December 8, 2021

It reiterated that it would likely offer a variety of ways for people who want to view their feeds. This would presumably include the algorithm-generated system Instagram uses.

We want to make it clear that we are creating new options. This allows people to choose what is best for them. Not switching back to a chronological feed. More information will be available in the coming year.

— Instagram Comms (@InstagramComms) December 8, 2021

Instagram’s decision to reintroduce a chronological feed mirrors a similar move made by Twitter in 2019.

Twitter, like Instagram, abandoned its chronological feed six years ago to be replaced by one powered with an algorithm that displays “top tweets “.

For years, Twitter users have complained about the loss. Twitter decided to restore the feed two years ago.

Twitter continues to tweak how it presents this feature. It recently offered users the opportunity to pin a Recent Tweets tab at the top of its main interface. You can toggle between the Latest Tweets tab and the Home tab which features posts that have been surfaced by the algorithm.

At the moment, the Latest Tweets cannot be set as the default display. Instead, the Home setting will be used every time you open the app.

It remains to be determined if Instagram presents its chronological feed in the same way.

It is evident that both companies prefer the algorithm setting. Past comparison tests have shown that users using this setting spend more time on the app, which leads to more ad views. The software learns the type of posts that users like most.

However, Instagram’s decision to restore the chronological feed indicates that many users had been asking for it. It’s encouraging to see them responding positively.

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