The Best Avocado Oil for Cooking Is Pricey but Worth It

This is Highly Recommend, a column dedicated to what people in the food industry are eating, drinking, and buying right now. Here, Kyle Beechey writes about the best avocado oil she’s ever had.

As a one-time California resident and frequent visitor to the Golden State, the Hollywood farmers market is my first stop from the airport. Iā€™ve lived in New York for years now and donā€™t miss much about my LA life, but I will never stop talking about Californiaā€™s dream produce. Sweet pineapple tomatoes in the summer, elephant heart plums in the fall, and the worldā€™s best avocados all year long. TheĀ Rancho Santa Cecilia stand normally has 8 to 10 different varieties, including Hass, Bacon, and Eureka, a recent favorite with edible skin. When Iā€™m back home in New York, I long for those vibrant green babies, and all of that longing led me to orderĀ West-Bourneā€™s extra virgin avocado oil.

Organic Extra-Virgin Avocado Oil

In the middle of last yearā€™s dreary winter, I opened the box and couldnā€™t believe the color in the bottle, anĀ iridescent green. Sure, I’d had avocado oil beforeā€”a brand Iā€™d picked up from the supermarket, a standard light yellow oil that tasted as neutral as it looked. This handsome bottle, on the other hand, was special. I started out by tasting it with a spoon. It was punchy, grassy, and rich. I saw endless possibilities: for sautĆ©ingĀ greens, coatingĀ roasted roots, and finishingĀ crisp chicory salads. Although the organic avocados are grown in Mexico, their lush flavor reminds me of my sunniest days in California, and the oil brightens up all of my courses. I’ve swapped it in as my dipping oil forĀ focaccia, I substitute it for olive oil whenĀ baking, and I drizzle it onĀ desserts. Crossing all culinary frontiers, sweet/savory, raw/cooked, this glorious green workhorse is a welcome addition to my kitchen.

West-Bourne is pretty new to the provisions game. The brand first started as a healthy-cool, California-inspired restaurant in Manhattanā€™s Soho, owned by chefĀ Camilla Marcus. With rising rents and a pandemic on her hands, Marcus had to close her doors in 2020, but she successfully pivoted to a provisions brand. With it, you can still get a taste of her vision in the form ofĀ pistachio dukkah,Ā togarashi crunch snack mix, and my favorite green gold oil. West-Bourneā€™s organic avocados are sourced in Mexico annually and pressed right next to the orchard to preserve maximum freshness, hence the $45 price tag.Ā 

After a year filled with sad East Coast avocados, the type with bruised brown flesh that pulls right off the pit, West-Bourneā€™s oil allows me to have a little bit of that fresh Hollywood Farmers market bounty in New York. Life doesn’t always grant you ripe avocados,Ā but now I care a little less., BonAppetit
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