The Ultimate Drinks Gift Guide

2022 Christmas gift guide Freixenet bon bons2022 Christmas gift guide Freixenet bon bons.

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We’ve taken all the hard work out of Christmas gift giving with the Ultimate Drinks Gift Guide.

Give a little sparkle with Freixenet Bon Bons

These gorgeous Bon Bons not only make a stylish table accessory or gift, they’re also very affordable at just $13 each. The gold and pink/silver Bon Bons contain a Piccolo-sized bottle (200ml) of Freixenet wine, one an Italian Sparkling Rosé and the other Prosecco.

The bottles feature Freixenet’s signature diamond-cut design, adding a glamorous sparkle to any occasion. You could use them for Kris Kringle, a party favour or stocking filler, or alternatively, add festive flair to your table setting – they’d make a wonderful surprise bonbonniere for (adult) guests.

The Prosecco is crisp and refreshing with lively effervescence and green apple/citrus notes that pair well with seafood, chicken and antipasto. The blush-pink Sparkling Rosé goes beautifully with seafood, fresh fruit platters and desserts.

Instead of starting your Christmas feast with the pop of a Christmas cracker, now you can kick off the festivities with a pop and a fizz. The limited-edition Bon Bons are available from Dan Murphy’s and BWS

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