The Ultimate Golfer’s Backyard….DIY Putting Green Installation!

Every golfer has dreams maybe your dream is to play augusta national maybe it's to break par but at some point there's one thought that enters every golfer's mind and that is what if i could build a golf course or even a golf hole in my backyard well in today's video i'm here in south langley british columbia canada and i'm meeting up with a friend who has.

The ultimate dream come true he has built a very own par-3 hole in his backyard and in today's video we're taking you behind the scenes to show you exactly how he did it all right and we're here with the main man scott this is your backyard you're living the dream here having a golf hole.

Scott tell us about the process working with perfect turf vancouver brad was very responsive he showed up on time he gave me his quotes on time we talked about the process he was very involved he brought in some experts from the u.s and from other parts of the country to help with the design of the green.

We started right from the basic and we've talked about the different slopes and gentle rolls of the green they showed up they wanted to do it in a specific heat of the summer to install it they showed up it was probably one of the hottest days of the year it was a perfect week.

To install they said it would take them a week they were done in four days and it was just a lot of fun now in this backyard everything is real grass however the putting green here is actually artificial turf and we're going to meet with the man that was behind this plan here this is brad from perfect turf.

Vancouver brad how are you today good how are you fantastic brad you're the gm of perfect turf vancouver and i know this was really an amazing project for you guys uh take us back to the beginning when you guys first came out on site and you were you know doing this project what were some of the biggest challenges that faced building uh you.

Know a large complex outdoor putting green yeah the the one easier thing we had was it was a big blank canvas when we started so we could kind of come in here dig it out do what we needed to do and shape contour all that stuff we had a we had a big area to work with um landscaping water drainage all that.

Stuff was a little bit trickier but as you can see it turned out great yeah absolutely and i have a question you know because this green is is different than i think probably some of your other greens in the sense that you know you need to have a green that can hold shots from 110 yards out tell us about the about the turf here.

How is it different from just say a backyard putting green where you're just only going to be putting on is it is it a different it is quite a bit different most of our most of our putting greens are just short pile putting green that we do for a lot of backyards where kids and dogs are me running on it and you only have a limited amount of space they.

Work great these are sand filled greens so it's actually filled right up to the top with sand uh it has a lot it has a cushion underneath it it rolls true it accepts a shot so it's a little bit different than your backyard standard putting green yes how much more sand would be on this screen would it be double the.

Amount triple the amount it's roughly seven times the amount that goes into just our normal short powerpoint wow seven times more so a lot of uh infill and it's you gotta use the right proper infill to make sure that ball's going to be rolling good and it's not going to compact within the green as well too there's a lot of little little things.

That you need to make sure that are done right to make sure this thing rolls properly fantastic and and last question how happy are you with the final result it's great i know uh in talking with our client here it's it's it's not getting as much use as he he'd hoped but hopefully soon he'll be out out here and playing all the time.

Fantastic now one of the features that i love the most about this is really the pitching area here you've got an area of approximately 75 yards and just notice how dialed you are going to be on your short game here what a great use of the land and we're gonna take you on a tour.

Because there's actually three different teeing areas on this hole and again i mean if you want to get your short game dialed in this is the ultimate golfer's backyard all right well this is probably one of the nicest shots right in here got a little pitching area here and it's time for.

To do a little kp contest with scott and brad probably a nice little 20 30 yard shot obviously 35 yards a little bit downhill obviously this is gonna be good let's have a look all right for our next challenge we're going to be hitting to this pin over here on the right and what's going to be.

Interesting is is really the landing area we can't go right at that pin what we're going to do is try to hit it right in the middle of the green and watch it hey take this slope and go down to the hole all right here we go let's watch this slope have a look at this shot.

Perfect all right brad he's coming in hot this could be good this could be good hit that slope hit that slope all right pretty good though so we've completed shots from all different areas we started here up on top nice little 30 yard pitch shot.

On the downslope we're out in the back here hitting a beautiful 100-yard approach shot and now it's time to get our short game dialed in with some putting i'm going to show you how fast these greens roll how true they are that's a good lag putt from down there brad.

Let's have a look at scott i think this could be it it's got to turn back at the end yes there it is well done fantastic everybody thank you for spending some.

Time with me here on youtube today and i hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look of my good friend scott and his amazing backyard transformation and the ultimate golfer's dream a very own par 3 in your backyard make sure you like and subscribe drop me a comment down below and i look forward to seeing you all in a future video.


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