This robot vacuum is on sale for $75 at Walmart, and it’s selling fast

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If you’re looking for a robot vacuum and don’t want to spend a fortune, we’ve spotted one of the best robot vacuum deals in a while. Over at Walmart, you can buy an Ionvac SmartClean 2000 RoboVac for just $75. Normally priced at $180, you save a huge $105 so we can’t see this deal sticking around for long. Bordering on impulse buy territory, this could be the ideal way to save you from needing to manually clean so often. Let’s take a look at why it’s such good value.

Why you should buy the Ionvac SmartClean 2000

We’re not going to say the Ionvac SmartClean 2000 is one of the best robot vacuums around but would you really expect that at this price? Instead, you get simplicity that gets the job done. Consider it as a great starter robot vacuum in particular.

It offers a strong motor of 2000Pa of suction power so it can handle your carpets, rugs, as well as hardwood floors. It has gripping Floor Wheel Drive traction wheels to help it keep to the surface appropriately with side brushes, a roller brush and a large 600ml capacity dustbin. There’s also a high-efficiency filter. The side brushes can cope with pulling in debris into the suction area while the roller brush is designed to handle the smallest of particles. A three-stage cleaning system keeps your home tidy with a choice of four modes. These include auto clean, spot clean, edge clean, and manual control so you have plenty of functionality.

Refreshingly, you can control all these settings via your voice, remote, or the app. There’s Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support or you can tap the remote buttons instead. Of course, auto clean is the most hands-off solution so it’s entirely up to you what works for your needs. The robot vacuum is also smart enough to avoid falling downstairs and figuring out what to do if it bumps into something, so you can leave it to work in the background without supervision.

Normally priced at $180, the Ionvac SmartClean 2000 is currently available at Walmart for just $75. A huge price cut of $105, it’s hard to fault at this low a price. If you’ve wanted a new robot vacuum for a while but haven’t been able to justify higher prices, you’re going to love being able to snag one for this kind of price. Don’t count on it being available for long though!

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