Top 20 Places to Sell a Broken TV for Cash Near You!

Television, just like other electronics, can break, crack, or get damaged by several factors. You need to be able to identify what to do if your television breaks.

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When you break or crack your TV, you can either repair or replace it. You can replace the TV depending on how severe the damage is. This can be costly.

Broken or cracked TVs will still be worth some money if you decide to sell them. You might have problems with the TV’s turning on, screen cracking, or speakers breaking. Dealers will buy these sets so don’t panic if yours is damaged.

When selling or recycling a TV, you must give a detailed description of its condition to the shop or person you are selling it to.

Modern TVs can be difficult to recycle. Many companies that originally recycled the TVs may refuse to accept it if they are sold or accepted for a fee. It has been difficult for people who want to sell their TVs.

Fortunately, there are still a few companies that buy these TVs.

Can My Broken TV Fetch Me Some Cash?

Don’t toss that broken TV! You don’t have to throw away your TV if it breaks. You can still sell it and make some cash.

Selling broken televisions can be difficult, but it is possible if you find a dealer nearby. Modern televisions are difficult to recycle, and many companies refuse to buy them. It is difficult to sell a TV that has been damaged.

Instead of repairing the TV, which can be expensive, you could sell it to a recycling organization and buy a new one. New televisions are now affordable.

There are many places you can sell your TV to.

How to describe the condition of your broken TV

When selling a TV that is damaged, you will need to clearly explain the condition to the buyer.

You’ll have to state:

  • If the Tv switches on
  • If the screen is broken or it has just failed to work
  • If the microphone is working
  • If the speaker is working
  • How does the TV respond when turned on

Where to Sell a Broken TV for Cash Near Me

It doesn’t matter whether your television is a flat-screen TV, LCD, LED, curved, smart, or digital. You can sell any type of television and make some money.

Here’s a list of places where you can sell your TV in case it breaks.

1. eBid

eBid is an online platform that allows you to sell anything you have over a wide range of categories. It is very similar to eBay in terms of its operation.

Despite eBid being unpopular in the marketing industry, it has been well-reviewed. You can easily sell your old TV on eBid.

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However, eBid distinguishes itself from other marketing sites in the way it carries out its operations. There are membership-level categories on the platform. The basic seller account is for casual sellers. This account is free.

The final value fee is the only cost you will have to pay if your sales exceed the basic seller level.

2. TV Repair Shops

I’m quite sure there are several TV repair shops in your locality. They make a lot of money from TV repairs. They buy your broken TV, repair it, and then sell it at a profit.

They will buy your broken TV.

It’s easy to find a local TV repair shop. To find a TV repair shop near you, all you have to do is type in “TV repair shop near my location” into Google.

You can also search for phrases such as “who buys TV parts near me” and “places that buy TVs.” This will give you information about all local electronics repair shops and pawnshops.

After you have viewed the results on Google, call the shop to verify if they buy broken TVs.


3. eBay

eBay is a marketing platform that allows you to list unlimited items for sale, up to 50 items for free. eBay has more than 182 million active users. Due to the large number of users, your chances of selling your TV within a short time are high when you list it on eBay.

You can set your own price and specify that the TV is available for pickup locally if you don’t want shipping charges.

Make sure the price you have set is fair. Otherwise, it might be difficult to find a seller for your TV. Compare your TV to other similar products at the same time to find a price that is affordable.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is an online program offered by Facebook where you can buy or sell items online locally.

If you are looking to sell a TV that is broken, this marketplace can help you find a buyer.

All you have to do to list your TV is upload a few photos of it. Also, include details about the TV, its specs, damage and location. It is necessary to indicate the price at which you are selling the TV.

5. Yard Sale

Yard sale allows you to buy or sell any item in person and get paid instantly. It is important to tell the buyer if your TV is damaged.

The potential buyers for your TV broken are people who run TV recycling and refurbishment businesses. These can be found at yard sales.

Selling in a yard sale has the advantage that you can meet the buyer personally and close all transactions immediately.

It’s possible to find buyers at a yard sale, but it’s worth trying.

6. GreenBuyback

GreenBuyback is an online marketing site that allows you to sell old electronics, broken flat-screen TVs, and other electronic devices. You can log in to their official website to choose the item you wish to sell.

After selecting the product type you want to sell, you will need to provide a detailed description about the product’s condition. You will receive a proposal price from the site for your TV.

7. Craigslist

Craigslist is another option you can opt for if you want to sell your broken TV. You can search for potential buyers near you on the site.

Many people have reported buying TVs and other electronic items on Craigslist. You are more likely to find a buyer if your TV is listed here.

Selling on craigslist can be a great option because it’s free and you don’t need to pay any fees.

You will need to describe the condition of your television before you can list it on this website. After that you will receive a price quote.

8. Backflip

Backflip is a platform that allows its users to sell all sorts of electronics with ease quickly; you can sell your laptop, phones, laptops, tablets, and television.

This is how the site works. You’re required to list what you are selling. Backflip will then offer you a product. Backflip will then make an offer for the product and pay the shipping costs.

The site guarantees that all transactions are completed and processed within one week.

9. 5Miles

5miles online marketing site provides its users with a wide range of categories to sell used or broken TVs and other items for free.

This is where you can list your TV for sale. With 5miles, you get 100% of the value your TV sells as they don’t charge anything on your sales.

10. is considered to be the largest price comparison site in the U.S that allows you to sell old and broken TVs, phones, and tablets.

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The site compares all sites that buy old and used items. This site will save you time and effort that could have been spent visiting each site individually to find the best deal on your TV. will ensure you get the best price for your TV and maximize the profit from the sale.

If you sell your TV to, and get a lower price on another site for the same item, they will give you twice the difference in price.

The site also displays user ratings from other companies that have purchased used items.

11. Shpock

Shpock is a mobile application that allows you to sell your broken TV for free. You can sell or buy any item that you want.

Shpock does not charge fees for transactions or sales made on its platform. Therefore, you get all the profits from your broken TV.

12. Gizmodo

Gizmodo is an online platform that buys nearly all electronic items you may wish to sell. They purchase mobile phones, tablets, laptops and cameras as well as TVs.

Gizmodo has great prices on all products, so you can get a great deal on your old TV. You don’t have to pay shipping costs and they offer free shipping.

When you sell to Gizmodo they will erase all your data and pay you quickly, often within one day.

13. Buyback Boss

Buyback Boss is an online site that allows you to sell old electronics. You can sell any electronic, even a broken TV, with Buyback Boss.

BuybackBoss has a great reputation for buying used gadgets. It is rated A+ by Better Business Bureau, and has 4.8 stars on Trustpilot reviews.

Selling on this site is easy.

This is how the site works:

  • Log in to the Buyback Boss website and describe your product on sale. You can accept or reject the offer made by the site for your TV.
  • If you accept the offer, your TV will be shipped to Buyback Boss according to the shipping label at the checkout.
  • You can track your device once it’s shipped to you for security reasons.

  • Buyback bosses will make the payments the day after they receive the TV. The payment can be made in PayPal or by any other method of payment.

14. Amazon

Do you know you can sell any item on Amazon? If you own a TV that is broken and you want to sell it, Amazon can help you.

You can sell any item, not just electronics. Amazon will give you cash or gift cards.

To list your TV on Amazon, first search for it. Then click the “sell to Amazon” button. You will be charged a listing fee and a percentage of the sale price if the TV is sold.

15. is another online site that allows you to list your broken TV if you want to sell it. is a classified ads site that you can use to list a wide range of electronics and other items for sale for free.

You can set your own price but it’s important to be competitive to get a buyer.

It is very similar to Craigslist in how they conduct operations.

16. Walmart

Walmart is a marketing platform that partners with Gazelle to enable you to sell used-up items to them.

They offer a trade-in program which facilitates the selling and buying of items on their platform.

17. Garage Sale

VarageSale is an online user platform that you can use to buy or sell items within your locality.

You have the option to sell any item you want, even your broken TV.

You can list your TV at Garage Sale to sell it.

18. Target Stores

Target Stores is a site powered by NextWorth. You can list or sell your devices on this site.

You will post your TV and wait for people to bid on it. Because it is shared by multiple users, there are many opportunities to receive similar bids.

19. OfferUp

OfferUp merged with the LetGo application to give you the best experience when selling used items online.

You can list your broken TV here and have it sold to local people.

20. Decluttr

Decluttr allows you to sell any electronic device.

You can list your TV on Decluttr. After entering the barcode for the TV, Decluttr’s will make you an offer.

If the offer is accepted, you will be directed for mail the TV. After that, you will receive your payments.

How much is your broken TV worth?

Broken TVs are subject to many issues that must be addressed. It can be donated, sold, or recycled.

The most important question to ask is what you can make from the sale of your damaged TV.

The value of a damaged TV will depend on its model and condition. A TV that is damaged will fetch you very little money, depending on its condition.

How can I sell my broken TV to get maximum cash?

If you want to get the maximum out of your broken TV sales, follow the steps below:

  • Determine if the TV is worth selling

Small TVs are cheap to buy, so it would be unworthy of selling a used older model. You can also decide to donate your TV.

If the TV is newer and less than a year old, it may be worth selling.

  • Find out who buys TVs near me

Having gone through all the places, you can sell broken or damaged TVs; it will be easier to find where you will sell your TV.

  • Create a detailed listing

Give details on:

  • Where and when you bought the TV
  • How often do you use the TV
  • The technical issues it has
  • Selling price
  • The last time you updated the firmware

Don’t copy-paste features from the manufacturer.

  • Take clear photos of the TV

Photos serve to confirm to the potential buyer that the deal is not a scam and that the provided listings are true.

Take photos of the TV with it on. Take a picture of the input jacks as well as the remote control.

  • Erase your credentials

Log out from all the apps you’ve been using.

You can also reset factory settings to wipe all settings and logins.

Final Word

Broken Televisions are still valuable, so don’t throw them away. You might consider selling or recycling them.

Selling a broken TV can be difficult. These tips will make it easier to sell your TV.

Finally, every place you can sell your TV has its terms and benefits. It is best to be informed about these in order to make the most of your sale.

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