Weekly Walmart Grocery Delivery Haul

Excuse me I'mma leave your tip when I play on PayPal it don't let me tip I wanted to give you a tip where I found PayPal that don't allow me to tip through the app I don't know good morning how are you this morning do this cold out here thank you thank you very much.

Stay safe out here thank you foreign good morning happy Thursday Happy thankful Thursday I didn't water any more of these Amber drunk delays too last night I didn't even know it was down to two so I'll have to do a little small Kroger order.

She'll just have to go pick it up to get some more Sprite I do have one in my refrigerator I don't drink it I just keep one when we I buy them so she can have that one if she wants to but I keep one and one ginger ale back there just in case I get sick to my stomach and I'll have to eat some.

Saltine crackers and drink it normally I take a few sips and she'll come back and get the rest of the drink but like I said so that one's back there just in case something happens as y'all can see here we go again this is this week's grocery haul I can prepare except for a couple of um.

A couple of um what I'm trying to say um things I need that they didn't have I got some more eggs because yeah you know I bought a 12 pack the other week and I've used those but I've been eating eggs every day especially since I've been back on the keto so yeah we that it.

Does that 18 count is is oh probably about six of my fairs on and I refill the thing so I said I better go ahead and get some more eggs why are they getting it good well like I said this this thing here is full and it's no more so and I know I'm gonna boil some for next week just like I said so quick you know it's a quick.

Little snack it's got protein in it but my nutrition did say she wanted me to stop it you can tell me another joke but y'all know I buy the egg whites too now these here we keep just a little cups I've never tried the uh Great Value brand they don't have to do.

So I can't eat these right now no ways but you know hey it is what it is they'll be here for next month anyway I've been up since four this morning y'all and these are the little.

Sugar-free candies I eat and just so you know for the carb count as one you can eat two but like if I want something sweet I'll eat one of these to sugar-free so it's one uh total carb and two yeah it's that time of year now Amber likes the um I think one of the candy dishes in there.

On one of the tables is empty and um it's the Christmas time and so I bought the Christmas Snickers she likes the kisses last year was too much candy here because she found some kisses on sale so I ended up taking it to work and putting it in the break room after after the holidays because it wasn't gonna get eaten here she wasn't eating.

She I guess she had got burned out on because even to be honest with you company ate a lot of those because she had bought so much and she ate a lot of them and I even ate a few of them just to be honest with you I'd eat a lot but um they just it was just too much here and I had to like I said take the old floor to work so I'm gonna tell her that.

She don't be buying all that extra but she liked the different flavors and the one she like is the mint kisses the um kisses with almonds and the kisses with caramels do y'all know they didn't have none of those in stock at Walmart so this is all I got but Christmas candy going candy but y'all know what um.

The funny part about it is I wanted some red and white candy canes to go on a tree so I had those in the cart right but they didn't even have red and white so they were going to put the green or white on because I told you I'm gonna go with the green and white thing that's Tyler.

I got some chicken chicken and maple sausage and just so y'all know you have to be careful with this you can have three links and it has um nine grams of protein but it's three it actually I think it's probably the Maple in it but it actually has three grams of carbs so it's like a carb a.

Link you know if you eat three or not you know then I got these just to have turkey sticks and I'll take these to work for a snack with like some cheese and some pills just from and I have them at home too like for a snack too.

I keep mine in the refrigerator my sticks to these particular ones I don't think you have to and on these it's like two grams of carbs and I gotta mail out some books because I have some um ah some book packets of my books or my journal or my devotionals uh and then.

I'm gonna get here to the end of the month when you're an author You author the author copies you have to pay for the printing cost and the shipping on those so um yeah you know and then but when you you know you sell them your books through Amazon of course they get a couple of the profits and you get.

A portion of the profits and you know they they take their printing costs off the top and stuff and then they get a portion of the profits and it's almost like a of split of the what's remaining I guess but anyway so I have some to actually when my books get here to mail out a few packets to some people because I didn't.

Want to have to take on this and be mailing them out and then going to the post office and shipping it's the same cost when you get done but then it's like extra work on me so I'm trying to spare myself that portion of it a bigger pack because I really have more to mail out but unfortunately they didn't have the 12 pack they only had.

Five I didn't need all 12 but I did need more than these five but anyway so that's it for that and we just refill these this is my favorite I like the other kind too but this is my favorite one and we just refilled the ones out through the house I have like some um.

Glade just for the kitchen but Airway can stretch through the rest of the house but I did have some Glade plug-ins for the kitchen so um like I said we just used up one so I just bought another five pack just to have you know for when we get ready to it's five back there but when we get ready to refill again I like to have.

Them so what do y'all use for plugins I know a lot of people use the the Bed Bath and Beyond and I told y'all I didn't they didn't have the sugar-free syrup the last time they gave me that Mrs Butterworth now I've never tried the Maple Grove Farm but I got the sugar-free syrup in here.

You know so you can get two tablespoons but I don't even use table tablespoons but this will last me for a long time sure they might go out before they go back but somebody told me you know I threw those chips away right now y'all I don't know how these are y'all let me know.

The keto waffles it says you can get three is six waffles in here and a serving size is three I can't eat three anyway I'll probably eat one and a egg and um but you know that's the only thing I don't like about this is it's like seven grams before it's for three waffles and.

If I'm only gonna eat one you use like two grams for one and I'll eat one in like two of these Maple sausages and maybe I'll scrambled egg for my breakfast and I tell you I've been up since five wasn't right of course I got me some more of these potty bites on the old snap.

Because I've been eating them this week I have one left I had some at work so I'm gonna take that back and I got one back in my room too so this will give me four but when I make the um when I make my little snacks like with the turkey sticks I showed y'all and the um.

Cheese and stuff I just cut up some cheese and these I just use these Dill slices it's fine you know and I like sour pickles too it's breakfast time but I'm gonna try these I'm gonna try something on camera that somebody claimed I don't know if it is or not.

I told you I just got another little thing keto Bond and what it is luckily we eat them but I didn't order them okay well thank you they seemed like they always throw something extra and I told you I took these count suck on my phone is dry it worked so I was out of those when I'm not out I.

Got about four left in the bag I'm keeping it what can I keep them in my purse this is your sugar-free dollar recipe and they actually tastes pretty good now they don't taste exactly like the regular ones uh but they taste pretty good got me some zero sugar Reese's that I.

Keep and also like this is one that card for uh three but I'll eat one if I want something sweet this is a treat and I'm just trying to show I don't know how it tastes this is a just cracking egg one I'm gonna take it to work one day for my for my um what I'm trying to say my lunch.

Oh I did order a regular I thought I just ordered the Heidi base but I got one regular when I was out of regular I'm out of regular completely this is a regular deal though and I just eat those out the pack and I've got some chicken wings and y'all don't think this was 75.

Dollars kind of sad you don't really have anything and you're being spent a nice little a nice little grip so that's all I got y'all just something simple but this is all we need for the week like I said I'll send her to Kroger for a couple of things probably about.

Thirty dollars thirty five dollars worth of stuff at Kroger cost like I said I need to replenish those Sprites and a couple of other items I'm gonna see if they got some red and white candy canes for the tree because I am up with the tree up this weekend have any of y'all had this just cracking egg thing and if so let me.

Know what y'all think how it tastes what y'all think of it this will be my first time trying it so we shall see if the microwave do this kind of thing but anyway oh I see it well let me wash my hands and I'm gonna try this y'all I got that out but I'm gonna wash my hands right quick.

I just got this little bit to get this one out I need to fix me some breakfast like I said I've been up since five this morning and I've been working on a report right but I gotta wait on my um I've been working on presentation two.

Two and you really get the um in the presentation you really kind of break a smaller one out for the executives off the larger one but I'm waiting on my co-worker she told me yesterday she was trying to get them done yesterday her slides but I told her by the day was fine so whenever she get.

Those to me but like I did my portion up I've been up since five this morning so that's what I've been back there so I'm gonna stop actually and they say these peppercinis with that ranch on that seasoning packet on it is really good foreign.

It's all right though I guess maybe you're supposed to put them down in there but I'm not gonna mess up my whole thing um oh excuse me I'm not gonna mess up my whole thing of pepperoncinis.

To be doing that anyway I'm gonna put this stuff up um get it put up and um get myself something breakfast and then I'm going back to my room and get on back to work come back there working so yeah let me put this down in the plastic bag my um.

Ranch dip yeah I gotta go find some um red and white candy cane so I'm gonna get out Saturday and I'm probably gonna go into TJ Maxx on Saturday um like I said Tyler that slay he has and he put He put a picture up of him how it.

Turned out his little man escaped but I wanted for something else and I'm probably gonna put like some ornament balls on it in the table on the table but that's it I want to go see if I have it if they have it I'm gonna get it and then I have to go over my girlfriend's house because she sells Handbags and I bought one.

For Amber Amber actually has the authentic bags for this two this uh tail for person but she has the bigger ones and they don't he don't have super zippers on his and uh we saw on Tick Tock well I saw it originally and I was telling her about it the smaller tail for us the girl said she had got it from a beauty supply and it has a zipper on.

It so my girlfriend says bags and she actually does have one and had a red one and we saw it so I gotta go pick that up from her on Saturday and I'm gonna get out and see if I can find me some find the red and white candy canes to go on the tree do y'all still put candy canes on y'all true.

I know that's kind of old-fashioned but old school anyway I'm gonna get off here y'all I thank y'all for joining me do you know for this little quick little mini haul because I told you I wanted me some lemon pepper wings but actually today I woke up saying you know what I don't really want the lemon pepper wings I really kind of want me some boiled.

Wings with a little onion and bell pepper in them and just eat that and eat some broccoli I know that probably doesn't sound delicious to anybody else because Emma don't really like to boil Wings on that stirring chicken and noodles but I love them anyway I'm gonna get off here I want y'all to have a grateful blessful.

And happy thankful Thursday you know your love I love you but God truly loves you the most remember to always be kind to yourself and others be joyful and be blessed love y'all bye

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